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Are you interested in importing NG Kutahya Ceramic Tiles ?

We are a ceramic tile exporter company located in Istanbul with more than two decades of experience. We have around 100.000 m2 tiles in our stock and a variety of products.

In addition, our Export experience is high with tens of countries and high-class service.

Why should you work with us?


Prices according to dimensions
$ 5
Starting from per m²
  • 30*60 dimensions betw. 5.80 - 8.80 USD /
  • 20*120 dimensions betw. 8.30 - 13.80 USD /
  • 60*60 dimensions betw. 6.75-16.00 USD /
  • 80*80 dimensions betw. 9.20 - 12.80 USD /
  • 60*120 dimensions betw. 13.50 USD - 20.00 USD /
  • 120*120 dimensions betw. 25.50 - 31.00 USD / Piece
  • 120*240 dimensions betw. 68.00 - 127.00 USD / Piece
prıce levels


  • Calculating the price

    The prices we offer are ex-warehouse prices in Istanbul-Pendik.
    If you take your items from our warehouse, the prices are stable.
    If you need us to make the transport, the transport cost will be added to the price.
    Moreover, our prices are export prices, so do not include the local VAT tax.

  • Quality of the products

    All the products we export are the first quality of tiles.

  • Payment

    Firstly if the item you want to buy is in our stock then you can pay with "confirmed letter of credit" just before we load the items.
    If the products should be produced by Kutahya Ceramic Factory then with the order you need to pay %50 of the total amount and the rest just before the shipment.

  • Where are we ?

    Our company is located in Istanbul. Our office is in Güngören, our showroom is in Mecidiyeköy and our warehouse is in Pendik Istanbul.



You can contact us in many ways.

On the bottom-right of our website, you can see a chatbox. You can use this chatbox to write to us anytime.

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Or you can call us +90 (545) 818 80 78

You can also use the contact form below.

    Tüm Türkiye’ye Ücretsiz Kargo

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